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NAME: Olivia
AGE: 24
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NAME & AGE: Aisling. Age-wise she looks to be physically and mentally around 10 or so, but she’s implied to be much older, stating at the beginning of the film that she’s “lived through many ages” and the tie-in comic focused on her says that she saw the first men land in Ireland. The film is set in the 8th century, so I would estimate her to be at least 500 years old.
CANON & CANON POINT: The Secret of Kells. Canon point is about two-thirds of the way through the film, when she is on her way to rescue Brendan from his confinement in his room.
CANON INFORMATION: Film overview, tie-in comic

Aisling’s personality is a little difficult to pin down, since she tends to keep to herself. However, this could be just another aspect of her personality, since she is an elusive creature, preferring to live in her forest by herself rather than with people. This is, of course, because she isn’t like other people; she is a fairy, one of the Tuatha de Danann, ancient pagan deities worshipped by the Irish Celts hundreds of years before the film takes place. It is said that no human, besides Brendan, has ever actually seen her.

Despite her mysterious and supernatural origins, however, Aisling is still very much a child, though she is more long-lived than most children. An active, spunky girl, she takes delight in running and climbing, and she loves to hide in trees and bushes in order to observe people, always curious. Unlike most children, however, she moves with the silence and fluidity of an animal; she’ll be there one minute, and if you blink she’ll have disappeared from one spot and appeared in another. She isn’t one to sit still for long, but she will always have her eyes on things.

However, like all children, she has her fears. Her biggest fear is that of Crom Cruach, the malevolent Celtic god who wreaked havoc in her forest and devoured her people, as well as her own mother. The cave in which Crom now lives is located within her forest, and she never goes near it if she has to. Being in Crom’s presence seems to take a physical toll on Aisling as well as an emotional one; she feels weak when she goes too near its cave, and coming in contact with it seems to drain her life force away. Another insecurity Aisling has is of being alone. While she is independent and perfectly capable of looking after herself, having lived alone in the woods for so long, she is still haunted by the memories of Crom’s massacre, and she greatly misses her mother like any child would. She has sympathy for anyone else who has no family.

Despite her insecurities, Aisling is very much a wild creature, and she is proud of it. She is very protective of the forest she lives in, which she proclaims as hers, and doesn’t like unwelcome guests, showing her to have a deep territorial instinct much like an animal; when she first meets Brendan, she immediately demands that he leave, even threatening to set her wolves on him until he reveals that he has no family like her. They way she moves reminds one of an animal as well; she frequently flits in and out of view, and can move as easily on four legs as she can on two. She is very wise in the ways of the forest, knowing a lot about plants and animals, but she is mostly ignorant about the ways of civilized societies outside of the world that she’s so familiar with; she doesn’t even know what ink is when Brendan mentions it.

Above all, though, Aisling will be fiercely loyal to someone once they have earned her trust. She will often watch over them from a distance when she isn’t with them, and even likes to give them small gifts, such as berries, which she'll sometimes leave for Brendan after he gains her trust. Eventually she will even overcome her own fears for them, as she eventually decides to forgo her own fears of Chrom Cruach and take him to its cave so he can enter it.

Mysterious and somewhat standoffish as she may be, she is a child at heart who is willing to share the wonders of the forest with a friend.

Aisling would most likely ally with the Seelie court. Though she isn’t guaranteed to be friendly when you first meet her, this is most likely because she’s suspicious about what you intend to do with her forest, which is highly important to her, and she doesn’t like the idea of anyone “spoiling” it. Basically, she likes her property to be the way it is and if you mess it up there will be hell to pay. Just as much as she likes order in her world, she also fears chaos; her greatest fear is of Chrom Cruach, a god of suffering and death, who caused chaos of its own when it killed its worshippers and wiped out her family.

She also values beauty, whether in nature or in the art Brendan shows her that he’s making for the Book. One of her opening lines in the film refers to how she has “seen beauty thrive in the most fragile of places”.

ABILITIES Being a fairy, Aisling presumably has a lot of magical abilities. However, most of these aren’t seen in the film.
- Her primary form of magic is shapeshifting, and her preferred form in that regard is that of a white wolf; she has also spent time as a salmon and a deer in the past. She uses this ability to maintain control over the local wolf pack. She is their leader, and she can communicate with them and other animals in her forest.

- Her magic also includes being able to make plants grow, and being able to climb flat surfaces without trouble. She is also shown to use a kind of magic related to her singing. Partway through the film, she sings a song that turns a cat into a spirit that can enter a church, something she apparently can’t do.

- Lastly, Aisling is considerably faster and more agile than the average human. Her physical strength also seems to be above average, though she doesn’t rely on that as much as her speed.

INVENTORY: Nothing except the clothes on her back; that is, her grey tunic and grey boots. She’s not really one for material possessions.


[Aisling still hasn't gotten used to this whole "communication device" thing. Still, with some fiddling, she manages to turn it on, so say hello to a pair of big green eyes staring back at you before pulling back to reveal a small white-haired girl with big eyebrows.]

I don't see why I have to be here. I don't want to fight some silly war. [Her voice is sullen and has a noticeable Irish brogue.] I've seen enough war already and it was awful. Why do people have to fight? Can't they just keep to themselves? I'd rather be at home, in my forest...

[She suddenly trails off, obviously lost in memories of her own before snapping back to reality.] know, even when I kept to myself, I wasn't always alone. The forest spoke to me, and Brendan and Pangur would visit.

So... [She's evidently wondering whether or not to say this next part.] So, if you ever want to talk to someone, you can come see me, if you like. I'll be in the woods. I don't like being inside.

[Obviously too self-conscious to say much more, she shuts off the device.]
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