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Aisling ([personal profile] thisismyforest) wrote2015-05-31 09:09 am
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Permissions Post for [community profile] eachdraidh

Out of character:
Backtagging: Always.
Threadhopping: Always, but for logs I'd appreciate being asked beforehand.
Fourth wall breaking: No thank you.

In character:
Hugging: She won't take to it well if she doesn't know you well or like you, but if you're positive CR, go for it.
Kissing: No, since despite being old as balls she's physically and (for the most part) mentally a kid.
Flirting: No, for the same reasons as above.
Fighting: Yes, but I'd like to discuss it beforehand.
Injuring: Yes, but I'd like to discuss it beforehand.
Killing: Again, discussion beforehand.

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